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We are a group of Tantauco's enterprises, we love innovation

Team About

Welcome to Tantauco!

Our group of enterprises are in the permanent search for the combination of passion, innovation and technology.

Our story

Outsoursing services

1989 BPO of services for companies in Chile.
2019 ExpertFactor, financing of documents in Ecuador.
2020 Expert Choice US LLC Expert consultant for financial industry.

External trade

1993 Magallanes FF, uniting the Comex of America with Asia.

Software development

2010 Expert Choice Chile, expert services in Credit Risk evaluations.
2017 Sale of our Credits in Prescribers company to the CCS of Chile.

School of Health

2016 Start of our School of Health Degrees for Latin America.

Ours strategics pillars

We are the result of uniting, with strong ties, disciplines, specialties, genders, cultures, nationalities, ethnicities and very different experiences with a great common goal; our vocation of services.


Constant incorporation of new technologies, better development methodologies for our products, better construction and control tools, incorporation of professionals from around the globe, to be better companies.


Our constant research leads us to undertake new challenges permanently, making great efforts to be relevant actors in the industries that we establish ourselves, which entails the obligation to constantly grant greater added value.


With more than 30 years in the development of highly complex software, we have specialized in the development of Credit Risk products for the financial industries of the region.


We have leading professionals and researchers in Artificial Intelligence, as well as joint working alliances with the most important companies in the world in the development of AI algorithms, to contribute to our businesses, new offers of value for them and for their clients.


Our vocation for services is long-standing, we have undergone several transformations, we have adopted new technologies, having as a vanishing point on the horizon to be generating a constant improvement in the quality of service of all our businesses.


Since being the first company to do business digitally with Asia, being the dawn of REUNA creation, with real-time Trucking of BLs, having incorporated AI in semantic communication treatment, IBM Watson AI models, we are constantly searching for innovate in our business areas.

Leaders in Technology Business

By definition of our Strategic Mission, technology is one of our strategic pillars and one of the factors that give us the greatest added value as a business group.

  • Decision Engines for Expert decisions..
  • AI APIs for the execution of self-learning models.
  • Facial, finger and semantic recognition APIs.
  • Gamification of education, new technologies for better learning..
  • New technologies in the health market, to achieve better benefits and better services to patients..
At present we work jointly with the largest companies in Latin America to promote and incorporate better technological services.

About us

Our results in numbers

Years in the market

Monthly clients

Years of Accumulated Experience

Daily Transactions

Our Team

Our Team of Expert Consultants, Management Team, Professors, Software Engineers, Media Areas and the whole great family of our group of companies.

Our Vision for the Future

We are the result of uniting, with strong ties, disciplines, specialties, genders, cultures, nationalities, ethnicities and very different experiences with a great common goal; our vocation of services.

Remote Business

Supported by our wide spectrum of software services for online transactions, our vision today is to develop services that are operated remotely.

Expert Decisions

We strongly believe in the automation of processes and Artificial Intelligence as services that must be incorporated in all companies, to generate better experiences for their customers.

Open Banking

We are interested in contributing to inclusive financial businesses, which provide opportunities to those who are starting in the world of entrepreneurship, we develop constant alliances with companies that investigate non-traditional sources of evaluation.

Open University

We invest, research and acquire new production techniques, to generate greater added value for our select group of health students in the region, we invite the best teachers to participate in our adventure.

What Clients Says

Testimonios de gerentes y directores de las principales empresas de Latino América, acerca de nuestras empresas:

What do we want to contribute to Latin America?

We want to become, one day in the future, a group of businesses that contribute, from their scope of action, technology and innovation tools that provide the region with greater competitiveness and greater added value for their clients.

mini-phoneWe are present with our services in most of the countries of the region, we offer standardized services and support for the continent.

mini-phone1We have Country Head with vast experience, a vocation for service and a high motivation to develop business in each country in which we are established.

We verify that there is a new world scenario, the pandemic has generated strong damage in many industries, we want to help companies to Internationalize and create new Business Units.


Protected by our vocation of service, we are incorporating more and more countries as destinations for our service offering, with new office openings, alliances with local partners, professional associations and government authorities.


Through our businesses that are developed in the health industry, we are generating the creation of new content, to support the regional training of our students; Doctors, EU, TENS, Etc. to give them better means of education and care.


With our recent alliances with the world’s leading AI companies, we want to further enhance our ability to deliver high-value, high-complexity products.


To be a human group of professionals of excellence, who through avant-garde technology contributes innovation in the businesses in which Tantauco participates, trying with passion and enthusiasm to generate competitive advantages for our clients and friends.

Our Skills

The knowledge and skills that support our businesses:

Credit risk 98%
IT 99%
Knowledge in COMEX 78%
international Business 78%
Health 80%
Education 80%

Our Services

We currently provide services to the most important companies in the region in our four specialized business areas, being present in the vast majority of countries in the region.

Our offices in Latin America

From our six headquarters, to support an entire continent.


Buenos Aires

  • Hortiguera 784
  • 7° Piso «B» C1406CKP



  • Las Condes
  • Los Militares 5885
  • piso 9



  • Bocagrande
  • Carrera 1 # 8-50 Int. 1903



  • Shyris y Suecia
  • Edif Renazzo Plaza; Oficina 307



  • Col. Narvarte
  • Enrique Rebsamen No. 922


San Borja

  • Chacarrilla del Estanque
  • Avenida Primavera 1007 Int803

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